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Review: Counting Crochet Hook Set Digital

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The Counting Crochet Hook Set Digital is all crocheters from beginning to veteran. 18 different hooks are interchangeable with two ergonomic handles, resulting in a versatile set that easily fits in a convenient, lightweight, go anywhere soft leather case. One of the handles is standard while the second is a rechargeable LED handle that provides 10-12 hours of light to facilitate crocheting in low or low light environments. In addition, it has the added feature of counting and recording the number of stitches and rows for ease of following patterns.

This reasonably priced set is a definite asset to crocheters of any age or experience level.`

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  • 18 interchangeable hook heads.
  • LED light up – USB rechargeable crochet hook.
  • Ergonomically designed crochet handles.
  • Digitally counts the number of rows and stitches.
  • Soft leather case.

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